French contemporary art is accused of many things:
1. it is non-existent
2. it is boring
3. it is internationally insignificant

The French art circuit (museums, exhibitions and biennales) is often overlooked.
In my part of the world one looks at New York, London, Berlin, Brussels.
It is said France is lacking an alternative art circuit.

These complaints are not in sync with my own experience.

I have the impression these accusations are partly due to a lack of information.

So I’ve started this blog.

Sure, it’s not the first website about contemporary art in France.
But it’s in English, and sometimes in Dutch.
Because I’m Dutch.
It doesn’t repeat press releases and press photos, I offer you my opinion.
That’s why I’m interested in yours.
I’m not pro-French, if that’s what you think.
I’m just curious.

And oh, I’ve limited myself to Paris. You have to start somewhere.


Un grand merci à Mondrian Fund.
Logo downloads NL web blauw





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